Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday - Maybe the Bowl is Referring to the Kind You Eat From!

Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest food consumption day of the year, behind only Thanksgiving, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data cited by the Miami Herald.  Below is a graphic display to fully capture how much food and drink fans will consume today.

1. Avocados
Don't hold the guac! Americans will eat 80 million avocados on Sunday.
That's enough to fill a football field 12 feet deep, according to Men's Health.
football field

2. Beer
Super Bowl watchers will down 325 million gallons of beer, according to
That's enough beer to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool (which holds 630,000 gallons of water) 1,938 times.
swimming pool

3. Chicken Wings
Despite rumors of a chicken wing shortage, fans still plan to get their fix. The National Chicken Council estimates that Americans will eat 1.23 billion chicken wings on Sunday. 
chicken wings
That's enough to fill a football field 1,083,333 times, assuming chicken wings are 3 inches long on average.
football field

4. Chips
With so many different varieties of dip available it's no wonder Americans will likely eat 11 million pounds of chips on Sunday, according to Shape. 
potato chips
A standard NFL football is between 14 and 15 ounces, according to Livestrong, so that's about 12,137,931 footballs worth of chips. 

5. Soda
Fans will spend $2.37 million on soda this Super Bowl Sunday, according to Shape. 
That's enough to buy about 846 tickets to the big game, which are currently going for an average of $2,800 a pop in the secondary ticket market, according to CNBC.
super bowl

6. Pizza
Nothing says "we're watching the Super Bowl" like a steaming, cheesy pizza, which is probably why Dominos expects to deliver 11 million slices on Sunday. 
A slice from a large Dominos pizza is about 7 inches long. Line those 11 million slices end-to-end and it'd be the length of 21,388 football fields. 
football field

7. Popcorn
Super Bowl watchers will eat 3.8 million pounds or 60,800,000 ounces of popcorn,according to Shape
That's the weight of 4,193,103 footballs.
Talk about indigestion!


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