Friday, October 12, 2012

The Mysterious Stones of Death Valley

No one sees them move.  No one knows what makes them move.  Clearly, they do move.  Giant stones sliding across Death Valley which leave paths in the cracked hard Earth.  All sliding in different directions and sometimes chancing course abruptly, these are not pebbles, but massive boulders, and here is what they look like...
The mysterious stones of Death Valley are magnificent.  They usually all take different paths, even turning around each other. 

No one has ever seen them move and nobody knows the speed they move with. The mysterious sailing stones of Death Valley often turn while they are sliding through the flat leveled valley and this leaves different tracks behind them. Some stones move further than others over two to five years.

What's your theory?


  1. Aliens! Well, probably not.

    They're probably trying to get away from Death Valley, as am I. I live in Las Vegas, so I'm pretty close.

  2. I think scientists should be allowed to place tracking devices on a couple of those stones (they are not allowed to do that) and to be in that area in the rainy times (which is also not allowed)

    Until that its a mystery, but it could be solved pretty easy if they really wanted to.