Monday, September 24, 2012

The Dogs of Monday

Friggin' Mondays SUCK!

Where'd the weekend go?

Shut up!  It's Monday.

OH Raspberries!  It's Monday.

Make it not Monday anymore or you'll lose it buddy!

Shhh... I'm trying to hide from Monday!

It's Whatday?

Monday makes me feel all twisted n stuff.


It must be Monday.


I said we're not READY yet!

Biff liked Mondays... he could finally have a day all to himself.  He looked forward to licking himself without getting yelled at!

This is the best it gets on Monday morning!

You're kidding me, right?

What chew talkin' 'bout?

Pixie Deer and I refuse to allow this happen.

I will become a druid monk before I will let Monday take my happiness away!

Press Snooze again, PLEASE?

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