Wednesday, June 6, 2012

While Visiting My Daughter In Omaha...

We thought we would try some trick photography done by finding the "right angle".  Here are the results.  What you see is definitely not actually what it seems to be.  Nothing has been enhanced with any effect software or Photoshop... what you see was taken with my HTC EVO on the spot.

To start things off, I tried my hand at levitation 

Then, my daughter caught a lightning bug, or was it?

A new "skyscraper lantern added just enough light to take this night shot...

Good thing we bought that back scratcher, or is that a...?

It was sure windy...

My daughter proudly displays her Omaha sign.

She bought a new Ken doll complete with beach umbrella. 

I bet that box is heavy.

Her new Indian headdress.  Or is it?


Finally, more levitation...

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