Friday, June 29, 2012

The Temperature Soared Today

In honor of the wonderful HOT temperatures, I bring you interesting temperature facts...

-Listening to the chirps of crickets can give you a rough estimate of what the temperature outdoors is on the Fahrenheit temperature scale. Count the amount of chirps you hear in fifteen seconds and add 37!
-Death Valley, California's temperature has the U.S. temperature record: 134 degrees Fahrenheit recorded at Greenland Ranch. 
-Prospect Creek, Alaska holds the U.S. temperature record for the coldest temperature: minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit!
-The hot and cold temperature extremes ever recorded on earth is over 260 degrees Fahrenheit.
-Hot weather makes the human body sweat to cool itself off. It is called evaporative cooling.
-Temperature and wind in the winter create wind chills. In the summer, they create heat indices.

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