Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unique Ways To Show Your Holiday Spirit

Who wants Fruit Cake when you can have a Fruit Tree?

No room for a traditional tree?  Get a tree that hangs on the wall.

Get artistic!

Make your tree a real original... like this cactus flower tree.

Who needs Christmas stockings when you can hang the Christmas mugs?

Traditional wrapping paper isn't very green.  Go green this year by wrapping gifts in decorative cloths or bath towels that they can actually use instead of throw away.

Dress up a cactus!

Christmas Eggs anyone?

A new twist for an old tradition.

Tortillas cut into snowflakes, baked, and then dusted in powdered sugar make a unique treat.

Decorate your nails.

An upside down Christmas Tree makes hanging ornaments a snap.  It looks pretty cool too!


  1. Hey! Do you have any tips for decorating nails? I am hoping to do that tonight.

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