Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Really?... No, REALLY?

I am 100% for freedom of speech.  I also think that children are much more mature than a lot of adults tend to give them credit for being.  This said, I am starting to find the "MORAL" majority a little misguided to say the least.  The same law makers and officials found having bizarre affairs in bathroom stalls and engaging in truly lewd acts are often the ones who just weeks before can be heard the loudest rallying against ANY form of supposed lewd, immoral, sexual, or otherwise (what they judge as) unbecoming actions or speech.

These same morons are fine with violence, guns, and other truly dangerous devices being viewed, used, or rallied for.  I say give everyone sex and nudity on TV, and if you are going to ban anything, start by banning VIOLENCE.

What does this have to do with the rest of this post?  Little and much... in a round about way.

Here are several recent stories (with my off-color comments in red) that make my blood boil!..
Make sure you see the last story!!!!  It's the best!... you'll need to click the "rest of the story" link to get to it.

Rocklin "I heart boobies" bracelet controversy leads to boy's suspension

ROCKLIN, CA - A Rocklin High School sophomore faces disciplinary action for wearing a controversial bracelet that proclaims "I heart boobies," then refusing to turn it over to school officials.
Hunter Cooper, 15, said he wore the bracelet since the first day of school. His mother gave it to him after she picked it up from a doctor's office. For five months before that, he had the pink survivor bracelet from Susan G. Komen. Then last Friday, school officials spotted him with the black "boobies" bracelet and asked him to remove it.
"I'm wearing it in honor of my grandmother," said Cooper, who said his grandmother died before he was born. "I don't see it as an offensive thing at all."
The black bracelet with white lettering also trumpets other slogans, such as "wearing breast," "save the breast" and "keep a breast." spokesperson said its breast cancer awareness campaign is targeting teens.
"This is a modern word, I think. I know plenty of people who use the word boobies," said Cooper.
"We support the cause 100 percent," said Rocklin principal Mike Garrison.  He said several staff members at Rocklin High School have battled breast cancer.
"But, not the language on the bracelet," said Garrison (MORON). "When you use the term boobies, we find, and many people find, the term offensive and inappropriate. We find it inappropriate to be wearing it on school grounds."
Rocklin High officials asked Cooper to hand over the bracelet, but he refused. Cooper said he now faces Saturday school or one day of on-campus suspension for not complying. 
A female student at Rocklin High reportedly attended Saturday school over the weekend and was disciplined after refusing to turn over her "I Heart Boobies" bracelet.
The principal would not discuss Cooper's case or confirm if Cooper faces disciplinary action. Principal Garrison (Coward) would not discuss the other student's case either.
"We have not suspended any student or disciplined any student for wearing a bracelet or shirt that has that insignia on it," Garrison said.
"I guess I was being too defiant because I didn't hand it over," said Cooper. "I don't really think those are fair punishments."
Cooper said his grandmother died from breast cancer five months after his grandfather died from lung cancer. Several other family members and friends have battled cancer. Cooper owns various bracelets as a show of support-- including the well-known yellow Livestrong bracelet.
Cooper's mother said she was disappointed with the way the school and the district handled the issue.
"Without having a discussion and handing out penalties first, I think that's a real problem," said Danielle Cooper. "They need to inform us as parents. I'd like them to handle the subject matter as mature adults. I'd like the staff to take a stand, one way or another. If they banned (the bracelets), and why they banned them, we should receive notice."
Garrison said school administrators will be meeting Tuesday for a leadership meeting and will be discussing their position.
By Suzanne Phan,

Middle-Schoolers Sue Over 'Boobies' Bracelet Ban

(NEWSER) – The popular "I (heart) boobies!" bracelets may be silly—but that doesn't mean students should be suspended for wearing them, the ACLU asserts. The organization helped two middle-schoolers file a lawsuit against their district yesterday after the $4 bracelets, meant to promote breast cancer awareness, got them suspended, the AP reports. The free speech suit is thought to be the first over these bracelets, which have been banned at many other schools across the country. (While violent video games and TV shows are no doubt talked about daily by the students while wearing "mortal Combat t-shirts) 
"I don't believe that vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, or nudity [in the school code] apply to the word 'boobies' or 'breast.' There were teachers that had 'breast cancer awareness' T-shirts on," argues the mother of Kayla Martinez, 12, who went so far as to turn the bracelet inside out, to no avail—it was still deemed inappropriate under the school dress code. The school district claims the bracelets, also worn by Brianna Hawk, 13, prompted inappropriate comments from some boys. Even so, "the First Amendment does not allow schools to censor students' speech merely because some students and teachers are offended by the non-vulgar educational message," says an ACLU lawyer. Click here to read why one columnist finds the bracelets offensive.
(Suing the school is the wrong way to get things done too!)

A High School Football Player

Says Pink Cleats Got Him Kicked

Off The Team

By Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour magazine

Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and Drew Brees all proved how good football players can look in pink when they took to the field in magenta gloves and cleats all throughout October to support Breast Cancer Awareness, but when one high school player followed suit, he says he was kicked off the team.

Mississippi high school student (and star kicker) Coy Sheppard says when he hit the field at an October 8 game in a pair of pink cleats, given to him by his 82-year-old cancer surviving-grandmother, coach Chris Peterson asked him to remove them (WHAT RIGHT DOES THIS ASS HAVE TO DICTATE WHAT COLOR CLEATS THIS KID WEARS?). When Coy refused--and wore them to practice again the following week--he says he was dismissed from the squad. The phys ed credits he was supposed to receive for being on the team have now been revoked, and he's filed a lawsuit claiming that his graduation may be in jeopardy. (Maybe here a lawsuit is the correct thing to do?)

According to USA Today, "District Deputy Superintendent Tom Duncan said the problem isn't the color of Coy's shoes but that the student ignored the orders of his coaches to take off the shoes. (Which he was asked to remove due to their color, DUH!) 'It had absolutely nothing to do with lack of support for breast cancer awareness,' he said. Duncan also said the coach told Coy he would be allowed to make up his lost PE credit and graduate on time." Coy's lawyer, a former supreme court justice, said his client "has apologized and promised to leave the pink shoes at home, but school officials have not budged."

The suit asks that he be reinstated on the football team, have his school record cleared, and donate all monetary damages to the American Cancer Society. Do you guys think Coy should be allowed back on the team? Are you surprised with how the school handled the incident? Do you think players should be allowed to wear what they want to support their causes, or does the coach have final say? Did they make too big a deal out of a pair of pink shoes? (YEP!)

Chicago High School Uses 'Straight Pride' Shirts for Rights Education

A Chicago high school has decided to allow a small group of students to wear "Straight Pride" T-shirts, despite resistance from other students who say they found the clothing offensive on a week that the school was bringing attention to the bullying of gays, lesbians and transgenders.
A spokesman for St. Charles North High School says the decision was intended to be an educational moment.(Bet he's against the wearing of "gay pride" shirts, and is SEETHING inside whenever he sees one)
“Considering they’re teenagers and becoming more socially aware, we need to do our job as educators,” Director of School and Community Relations Jim Blaney told “We need to help students find their way through this new world.”
The controversy started on Monday when the high school began “Ally Week," a program in which students demonstrate their alliance against the bullying of gay students. Three students came to school wearing "Straight Pride" T-shirts bearing the Bible quotation, "If a man lay with a male as those who lay with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and shall surely be put to DEATH," which appears in Leviticus 20:13. (So, the school and bible advocate KILLING due to sexual preference?)
Several students complained, and the “administration had to determine if the students were posing physical or emotional threats, and that wasn’t the case,” Blaney said. “The discussion they had was that, while you certainly have a right to express your opinion via a T-shirt, please understand that your message can be perceived as hurtful.”
The students agreed to cross out the message with a permanent marker, but when two different students came to school the next day with homemade “Straight Pride” shirts without the Bible quotation, they were asked to cover them with sweatshirts. (Why?)
Although the two students complied with the request, they said they weren’t satisfied with how their free speech rights were being treated.
"I was shocked," Jake Pezzuto, a senior, told the Daily Herald. "There is clearly a double standard here, and we're really upset about this. 
"They said the reason we can't wear 'Straight Pride' shirts is because they are disruptive. And I can understand how maybe some people were intimidated by the shirts with the Bible verse. But I don't understand how some students are able to wear 'Gay Pride' shirts while we can't wear shirts that just say 'Straight Pride.'"
The incident also sparked a controversy among St. Charles students on the other side, including Amanda Harshbarger, who started a Facebook group titled “SCN Students Against Bullying” to get students to express their thoughts on the matter.
"That's where the bad feelings started, because they chose to wear the shirts on a day specifically about gay teen suicide," Harshbarger told the Daily Herald. "What the shirts said were making kids feel violated and intimidated."
Harshbarger was joined by more than 150 students in the group, who all plan to meet with the Board of Education in December to discuss future action plans for these situations.
Despite the reaction among students, Blaney says the school never considered harsher disciplinary action for the five students.
“Discipline is the last thing we do when dealing with students,” Blaney said. “While you certainly have your rights to free speech, you also need to know that with that right, comes responsibility.”
“The important thing is, even if someone is on the opposite side, you need to respect their opinion.”(Actually a reasonable statement)
(I have no idea what side anyone is on in this story, I found it more interesting than anything else)

Kevin McCullough  

Banned: The American Flag on Cinco de Mayo


When 200 hispanic students skipped school last week and marched through downtown Morgan Hill, California chanting "Si se puede" intermixed with "We want respect," none were banned from school attendance on their return.
When five students, one of them an American from latino roots, wore American flags to school as a sign of patriotic speech, they were labeled incendiary. They were instructed to turn their shirts inside-out so as to cover up the American flag. And when they refused to surrender their first amendment right to expression, they were given unexcused absences.
Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez (MAJOR ASSHOLE) called the flag draped wardrobe "incendiary" because the students had chosen to worn them on May 5, popularly known as Cinco de Mayo. (A date that "celebrates" Mexico's defeat of the French in a single battle, in a war that Mexico eventually lost.)
The school's administration went further in claiming the five students were attempting "to start a fight" and "adding fuel to the fire." (BY SUPPORTING AMERICA in AMERICA???)
Latino parents chimed in and chided the five students (one of which is of Mexican ethnic heritage) saying, "we're all offended by it."
One parent, Teresa Casillas, claimed her hispanic children were upset by the behavior of the boys wearing the flagged shirts, calling it disrespectful.
Yet for all the outcry, not an ounce of proof has erupted that the boys made any actions of provocation--except wear the shirts on Cinco De Mayo.
One of the more ignorant utterances by one of the hispanic student protestors summed up the stupidity best, "It's disrespectful to do it on Cinco de Mayo," said Jessica Cortez, a Live Oak sophomore. "They can be a patriot on some other day. Not that specific day." (THIS kid should be deported!)
And so this is what the argument has been reduced to.
I mean, you do understand don't you that Cinco de Mayo is not even celebrated en masse by Mexicans?
Yet the militant, belligerent, children of latinos living in Morgan Hill are exhibiting symptoms of a problem that is widespread. Raw naked entitlement that not only flouts the laws, but has now led to the limiting of the most legitimate expression whose freedom should always be protected: patriotism. (AMEN!)
It was bad enough that the Obama administration went on a systematic campaign to discredit the recent right of the state of Arizona to reinforce federal guidelines for immigration. It was bad enough that the lies were widely told, and never retracted by news agencies that should have known better.

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