Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Can Get A Kit To Make WHAT?... BEYOND COOL!

I came across this web site for a company known as Information Unlimited and I had to share it!  This company offers kits and plans to make some of the COOLEST gadgets I've NEVER seen anywhere else before.  They also sell books that are just too cool to believe!  Here are just a few samples...

Ion Ray Gun
Future Technology!

Your ion ray gun and ion motor demonstrates an interesting phenomenon involving the mobility of charged particles. It is capable of producing the following effects:
  • Inducing electrical shocks in other people
  • Causing lamps to flicker and ignite without contact
  • Causing paper to stick to surfaces, playing cards, etc.
  • Causing motion of objects/ion motors
  • Charging of objects to a high potential without contact
  • Static electricity experiments
  • Kirlian photography and ozone production
  • Strange and bizarre effects on certain materials
  • Effects on painted and insulated surfaces that require darkness
  • Effects on vapors, steam, and liquids.
  • Visual discharge of plasma force, corona, etc.
  • Effects on electronics equipment, TV, and computers
  • Can cleanse and disinfect air
  • Treats surfaces for special applications
  • Easily adapted to FLOCKING and ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING, etc.

Conduct Many Bizarre And Interesting Experiments!

Highest Power Adjustable Ion Ray Gun

High powered unit uses a variable duty cycle clocked oscillator driving a FET field effect transistor in turn switching into a resonant transformer. The transformer output is fed to a full wave voltage consisting of a number of stages that convert and multiply the peak value of the voltage waveform. Out put resistors help control the high capacitive discharge currents that could damage the multiplier section. Adjustable output with reactance limited current is open and short circuit protected.Unit is housed in a combination gray PVC and clear plastic tubing enclosing the multiplier section. Controls are safety switch and charge field intensity adjustment with push button power control mounted in the pistol grip butt. This section also houses the 8 "AA" battery cell holder and has a strip of conductive metal tape to make contact to the users hand. This forces the users body to the system ground and provides a virtual ground for charge return. Unit is ruggedly built and can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Labeled dangerous.

IOGHP1 - Plans (By Download - $5.00) ......................................$15.00
IOGHP1K - Kit/Plansof 15 Stages - 100 kv Plus/Meter ...........$189.95
IOGHP10 - Ready to Use Positive Output .................................$259.95
                    (Negative output on request.)

I told you this place has COOL stuff!!!

Ion Motor
Generate a Real Force Field

• Concept propels a space ship to near the velocity of light! 
• Spins a 6 to 7" rotor to high speed using strictly ion propulsion. 
• Generates a positive force field. Produces considerable pressure. You can feel the effect! 
• Transmits electrical discharges up to several meters. 
• Can induce electric shocks to those nearby. 
• Freezes motion by stroboscopic flashing. 
• Experiment with snow and ice, pieces of Styrofoam. 
• Many other experiments possible. Use your own intuitive abilities. 
• Great science fair project as uses batteries or low voltages. 
• Operates from 12VDC battery or wall adapter (not included). 
• Kits can be made to produce positive or negative ions by simple reversing of the diodes.
IONMOT1 - Plans (By Download - $3.00) ....................$6.00
IONMOT1K - Kit and Plans ...........................................$49.95
IONMOT10 - Ready to Use ...........................................$69.95
IONMOT10NEG - Ready to Use (negative ions)........$79.95
12DC/1.5 - 12V 1.5A Wall Adapter for IONMOT10 ....$15.95 

Again, click the link at the top of this post or HERE to go to the actual site!

Magnetic Cannon

The magnetic cannon is an electrokinetic device using a conditioned pulse of magnetic energy to propel a 2 oz. (250 grams) object to a high velocity. System as shown is battery powered and uses some of our latest technology in energy charging and switching. This is an excellent advanced science project demonstrating several important electric and magnetic reactions.
Unit is built in a 16 x 16" doubled partitioned base that houses the energy storage and current source on the bottom section. The actual cannon is mounted on a adjustable trunnion type mount that is securely bolted to the top section along with the rechargeable batteries. A control panel with a voltage meter and all switches is mounted at the rear and sandwiched between the top and bottom partitions.
The Magnetic Cannon uses a coil wound with equal length and equal width. The coil is wound on the flyway tube that now pivots on a trundle assembly to adjust elevation and give the looks of a cannon. The projectile is made with geometry to allow maximum inductive coupling and takes the shape of a heavy ring weighing 1-3 ounces. Initial velocity is over 400 fps, and we have gotten ranges of over 1000 feet, even with less than optimal aero dynamics.
This is a very dangerous project and should only be attempted by experienced and responsible adults. Not only is it a severe lethal shock hazard, but also the projectile can maim or kill a personThe device must be treated as a real gun!!
MAGCAN1 - Magnetic Cannon Plans (By Download - $10.00) ..........$20.00

Just one more...
arc of the soundarc of the sound arc of the sound

The "Arc of the Sound"
Talking and Singing Electric Plasma Arc

Similar to the JACKSING10, but more powerful. Stable arc produces louder and clearer sounds (but does not have the “rising effect” of the Jacob’s Ladder that some may prefer).Unit includes arc intensity and volume control and operates from 115 VAC wall power. Arc is not electrically dangerous but can cause burns if contacted. It is an excellent project for the more advanced experimenter who desires to build and demonstrate an amazing and winning science project.
Simply connect to the headphone/output jack of any small radio and the sound will be created by the electrical arc in the special included acoustical chamber. There is no conventional speaker involved; the sound is created by the oscillating electric spark, which in turn vibrates the surrounding air to create sound. It’s a truly magical experience to see and hear music (or any sound you put through this device) created by pure electricity.
This project will fascinate those who just do not believe that the electrical arc is actually producing this clear and crisp tone, and frustrate them as they try to explain where it’s coming from!
ARCSOUND30 - Talking Plasma Electric Arc, Assembled .......$199.95

OK!  It's obvious you need to check this site out, so what are you waiting for????

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