Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Look Like Someone, Or Something

Ever notice how some people resemble other people, or maybe animals?  Sometimes you can even stretch your imagination enough to compare the look of some to inanimate objects... check these out for a start...
Bill Gates – Janet Reno

Donatella Versace – Janice the Muppet

Dr.Phill – A Walrus

Eddie Van Halen – Crazy Cat Lady

Flava Flav – Stripe

George Bush – Chimpanzee

Jack Nicholson – Evil Grill

James Carville – Gollum

James Hetfield – Cowardly Lion

Jamie Hyneman – A Walrus

John Kerry – Herman Munster

Pope Benedict - Darth Sidious

Posh Spice - Falcor

Ron Paul – Magneto

Tom Seleck – Red Baron

Wilford Brimley – Diabetic Cat

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