Saturday, April 16, 2011

Upside Down

Print each picture below and turn them upside down for a second look, or if you prefer, I've flipped them all for you in the second half of today's post.  Just click on "The Rest of The Story" at the bottom to see them all "upside down"!  Two of them only need a 90 degree turn.

 Before Marriage
And Upside Down - After Marriage

 What's he running from?
Turn him upside down and it becomes obvious

 A Clown
90 degrees later, what do you see?

Evil Magician

He's escaping, phew!

 This one shows that when we see faces upside down...
Our mind is actually playing a trick on us.
Here it is upside down once again

 A Dog
Or a Cat upside down?

 Falling in right side up
But climbing out upside down

 Don't pull too hard!
Turned upside down, you see why not.

 What's the pig swimming away from
It's clear when turned upside down!

 Spear the little guy!
Or, upside down, get tackled by him!

 This tobacco holder is happy
But turn it over and see what happens.

 Watch out for that fish!
Upside down becomes watch out for that giant bird!