Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strange Photos That Defy Explanation

But I'll do my best...

This photo clearly shows an alien from the Horse Head Nebula trying
to make contact with Earth creatures.

This infant just exited an alien craft.  Moments later he transformed into
a giant lizard and ate the enforcement agents.

Poor little Mitch will remember to skip the beans, eggs, and sauerkraut
breakfast next year on picture day.

Couple number two dances so mechanically!

His eyes look a little baggy.

The soap cat box derby

Jimmy, Bobby!.. Stop boxing in class!

Mitch from five pictures earlier grew up and is seen here playing poker with friends.

Got nothing... nope.

Uh Oh, someone's gonna get a good ribbing in the locker room tonight!

Who lied?

Molly's gear seems to have been stolen by the enemy.

Got Milk?

The infant from the alien craft had a pet.

Help me with this one people!

My magic trombone will bring it back from the dead!

Raul found himself in quite a predicament the morning after the drunken
pizza making party.

Raise the roof! roof!

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