Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hidden In Plain Sight

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A real vintage photo holds an eerie surprise, but look closer to discover what it actually is.


Hidden in advertising in two Club Med commercials

Did you find the faces?

 What do you see?  Answer in the "rest of the story".

The next three are NOT at all what you think.

Tilt your head to the left

See the bearded man?

Just a kid and his mom

What is this? - Find out in "the rest of the story"

In fact, what are the next two?... they are also revealed by
clicking "the rest of the story" at the bottom of this post.

Hidden Beauty 

What's on his mind?

Find the Orchestra

Find the Sax Player

See the answer to this in "the rest of the story" link below

Answer in "the rest of the story"


Microsoft ad pays homage to the devil

Look closer, it isn't dirty at all.

Here are the answers to the tough ones...

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