Saturday, April 30, 2011

He's Falling For You

Artist Kerry Skarbakka is a man who has plummeted from high points all over the world. “The images are shot mostly on location,” said Kerry. “I travel around and find various places from which to perform. I’ve made work in Sarajevo, Croatia, Central America and all over the US. A handful were created in my studio or similar places. In those cases, I will build an entire set to get the results I am looking for”.  “I use all sorts of methods to make my work,” said Kerry. “In many images I use rock-climbing gear and rigging that you can’t see.  Others employ some sort of padded surface on which to land.  Some were simply made using a ‘go for it’ approach and are exactly what you see with no worries, or safety mats”.

Friday, April 29, 2011

COOL MUSIC FRIDAY #21 - Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs is an American singer-songwriter.
Veirs was raised in Colorado. While she heard folk-country, classical, and pop music at home, she didn't "listen seriously," she says, until her 20s. She joined an all-girl punk band called Rair Kx! while a student at Carleton College.  She now lives in Portland, Oregon. After graduation, her taste moved to older country and folk. At Carleton she studied geology and Mandarin Chinese. After graduation, she worked as a translator for a geological expedition in China; during the trip she began writing lyrics.
In 1999, Veirs released a self-titled album, which was recorded live and featuring just her and guitar. 2003 saw the release of Troubled by the Fire, accompanied by veteran musicians such as Bill FrisellAmy Denio and Fred Chalenor. She then signed to Nonesuch and released Carbon GlacierYear of Meteors followed in August 2005.
Year of Meteors was selected by the New York Times as a "critics choice".  Veirs released Saltbreakers in 2007. July Flame appeared in January 2010 on her Raven Marching band label. The Washington Post praised it.
Portland-based producer Tucker Martine has produced her last six albums, and plays many instruments on the records as well. Their son, Tennessee Veirs Martine, was born in April 2010.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strange Photos That Defy Explanation

But I'll do my best...

This photo clearly shows an alien from the Horse Head Nebula trying
to make contact with Earth creatures.

This infant just exited an alien craft.  Moments later he transformed into
a giant lizard and ate the enforcement agents.

Poor little Mitch will remember to skip the beans, eggs, and sauerkraut
breakfast next year on picture day.

Couple number two dances so mechanically!

His eyes look a little baggy.

The soap cat box derby

Jimmy, Bobby!.. Stop boxing in class!

Mitch from five pictures earlier grew up and is seen here playing poker with friends.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What's Your Name?

Try to guess the "Real Names" of these celebrities.
The answers are found by clicking the link "The Rest of the Story" at the bottom of this post.
a. Allen Konigsberg
b. Marc Zucherberg
c. Matthew Sanders

a. Samuel Chase
b. Cornelius Chase
c. Chevy Snyder

a. Mary Norberg
b. Courtney Lavtrell
c. Courtney Michelle Harrison

a. Mary Cyrus
b. Destiny Hope Cyrus
c. Charlene Cyrus

a. Tiger Woolrich
b. Eldrick Woods
c. Timothy Woods

a. Enrique Morales
b. Nate Metzger
c. Enrique More

a. Fredrico Marsallis
b. Farrokh Bulsara
c. Santino Massa

a. Georgio Michalino
b. Georgios Panaylotou
c. Sal Marcos

a. Matthew Arburg
b. Michael Wildanell
c. Jerome Silberman

a. Joanne Ammel
b. Joan Molinsky
c. Judy Baker

a. John Bongiovi
b. John DeMoore
c. Jack Hartzler

a. Larry King
b. Lawrence Harvey Zeiger
c. Nicholas Courson

a. Alicia Knight
b. Margaret Hyra
c. Rhoanne Hyden

a. Myra Amos
b. Selma Amos
c. Tori Ambinelli

a. Sherry Goldblum
b. Wilma Hart
c. Caryn Johnson

a. Barry Mellon
b. Stan Armstrong
c. Barry Pincus

a. Zela Northrup
b. Natalie Hershlag
c. Carson Hertzig

a. Pat Benella
b. Patricia Andrzejewski
c. Patricia Still

a. Olive Osmond
b. Beatrice Osmond
c. Sarah Osmond

a. Nicholas Cagentrus
b. Steven McCage
c. Nicholas Coppola

a. Ronald Masterson
b. Arthur Plarinski
c. Reginald Dwight

a. Stephen Willard
b. Steveland Judkins
c. Moon Alahd

a. Steven Tallarico
b. Stuart Ian Smalls
c. Nightly King

a. Gartrius Nicholias
b. Troyal Garth Brooks
c. B. Trellus Brooks

a. Kent Cloom
b. Walter Edwards
c. William Broad