Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Least Likely Suspect

The Story
Cindy and I own three dogs, one "mostly Beagle" named Nutmeg, one "mostly Beagle" named Lily, and one "half Beagle / half Yellow Lab" named Emma.




Emma often gets into trouble for "breaking into private property".  Leave ANY food item discarded or yet to be used, in any container, backpack, waste basket, etc. and she will likely find a way to get it.  If it isn't 100% secure, or placed "high up", she'll commit her dastardly deed.  For the most part though, Emma is a gem.

Nutmeg on the other hand is just too lazy to do anything but walk slowly around the yard, and sleep, unless of course a "furry guest" somehow enters our fenced-in 1.5 acre back yard.  Now it's Nutmeg's time to shine!  Baying musically, with nose hovering millimeters from the ground, she springs into action, a true hunter!

This leaves Lily.  Lily is innocent, frightened by the slightest noise, frail, yet "happy go lucky" and cuddly.  Rescued from an abusive owner, Lily can sometimes be coaxed to join in on outdoor fun, and she does love to hike, but would never think of committing robbery.

This is what we thought, blaming Emma, and even adding Nutmeg to the accomplice list time and time again, until one of my security cameras caught the REAL thief in action.

Here is the evidence I would now like to present to puppy court...

Poor Emma.  We've apologized to her for all the times we were so quick to judgement, even without solid evidence.

If you still don't know if it's Lily the innocent, or Nutmeg the passive hunter, see the rest of the story for the answer...

Lily the innocent thief!

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