Saturday, February 5, 2011

Strange Instruments

I came across this VERY cool site a while back, and thought I should share it with you!  It features Odd Musical Instruments.  You can go directly to the site by clicking the title of this post or the site logo above.  Here are some sample instruments you can see there.

The Glass Armonica
Invented in 1761 by Benjamin Franklin, the Glass Armonica was one of his favorite inventions. The word "Armonica" is the Italian word for "Harmony". It is played on the same principle of rubbing a wet finger around the rim of a wineglass. The glass bowls are individually tuned, so that they do not need to be filled with water, though the players fingers do need to be moistened with water. The glass bowls are tuned by size, mounted one inside each other with cork on a metal spindle. The glasses are made to spin with a flywheel attached to a foot pedal. The composer Mozart, being into Oddmusic himself, composed two of his works specifically for the Glass Armonica


The Celestial Harp

The Bonang
TThe site has hundreds more!  Please check it out!

The Gravikord

The Gravikord was invented and is built by Bob Grawi.
The instrument is 54 inches long, weighs approximately 5 pounds and has a welded stainless steel frame, wood tuning block, guitar type tuning machines, and a carved bridge with piezoelectric pickup.

The Nondo

The Kestrel 920

The Moodswinger

 Listen to a short sample of the Moodswinger
       without any effects, along with drums.

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