Friday, December 31, 2010

What Evil Creatures Dwell In The Deep, Dark Waters Of The Earth?

I brought with me today a collection of creatures
that may well be called "Monsters of the deep".

We start with the Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eel
images credit: John Kealy and captbluefin

This sea monster looks and is ferocious!  The Gulper Eel can eat an animal larger than itself due to its giant scoop-like mouth and expandable stomach.  I, for one, would not go ANYWHERE near this thing!

For our entry in today's beauty pageant, we present the Viperfish...

Like something straight out of the movie "Alien", here we have the Viperfish.

Ogrefish (Fangtooth)

Thank God it's only about 6" long!  Phew!

May I introduce, The Hatchetfish?  Their eyes are permanently
looking up which help these deep water fish find food.

They're Here...  And a truly spooky sight they are!

The next oddity is the Oarfish.  
These fish live at incredible depths and are rarely seen by man.

And finally, the Giant Sea Spider!... YUCK!
.. Don't Hold It!!!  At home in shallow waters, these creatures
have been found at depths of up to 23,000 feet as well.

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