Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Can Be Creepy

My Daughter showed me this site, (linked in the title).
It entertained us for at least 45 minutes early this morning, so I just had to share some of the best photos with you.  I hope you enjoy these twisted Santas as much as we did!  If I ever come across a picture of me with Santa, I'll be sure to post it on this site, as I'm sure it'll be creepy too.

These are GREAT!..

I'm sure this Santa is on a list somewhere!

You know things are melting down when Santa starts crying too.

Show, wutchyous whan frow Chritsmats thish yir?  I (hickup) wan shum good Scotsh myshelf.

I think I saw this guy on America's Most Wanted!


They must have used dead guys for Department Store Santas in the old days.

I didn't know John Belushi was Santa in the 70's.

Mommy, why does Santa look a lot like this boy who is two classes ahead of me at school? 

I believe this Santa is decaying

You son just Whizzed on my leg!

Little Johnny was always SO excited to see Santa

Drunken Teens make uncomfortable Santas


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