Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Time To Lay Off The Bottle

         Bottled Water That Is!
Want to know what’s in your tap water?

Just browse to your local water utility’s website. You’ll find the source of the water and any chemical pollutants that remain after treatment.
It’s the law.
Many utilities also volunteer their treatment methods. Even if they're too small to have a website, they mail out periodic water quality reports.
What's that?  You have a well?  Then you already know the source, and you can have your water professionally tested for under 20.00 USD in most areas.
When you buy bottled water the only thing you can be sure of is paying a premium price of up to 1900 times more!!  You therefore should expect more, but do you actually get more?
Actually, with only a few rare exceptions, you get less.
All too often, you get more.  More of what you don't want!  Unless you actually want more hyped advertising come-ons like “crisp,” pristine” or “essential.”  Even worse, too often you get more Carcinogens,  Chemicals,  and Filth!
Shouldn't pure drinking water be only about the facts?
An 18-month Environmental Working Group investigation of bottled water labels and websites has found that:
  • Only 2 bottled waters disclose water sources and treatment methods on their labels and offer a recent water quality test report on their websites. These best performers are:
    • Ozarka Drinking Water
    • Penta Ultra-Purified Water
  • Just 18% of bottled waters disclose quality reports with contaminant testing results. Among them, all 8 Nestlé domestic brands surveyed:
    • Poland Spring
    • Nestlé Pure Life
    • Arrowhead
    • Calistoga
    • Deer Park
    • Ice Mountain
    • Ozarka
    • Zephyrhills
  • None of the top 10 U.S. domestic bottled water brands label specific water sources and treatment methods for all their products.

The EWG recommends

  • Filtered tap water!  It saves money, it's purer than tap water, and it helps solve the global glut of plastic bottles.
  • Stronger federal standards for bottled water to enforce the consumer's right to know all about bottled water — where it comes from, what’s been done to it, if anything, and what trace pollutants lurk inside.
Until the federal Food and Drug Administration cracks down on water bottlers, use EWG’s What’s in My Bottled Water guide to find brands with high scores for disclosing full water source, treatment and quality and that use advanced treatment methods to remove a broad range of pollutants.
The BEST is...
Filtered Tap Water!


Absopure Natural Spring WaterF
Albertsons Natural Spring WaterF
Albertsons Purified Drinking WaterF
America's Choice Natural Spring WaterF
American Falls Purified Drinking WaterF
Aquadeco Premium Spring WaterF
Aquamantra Natural Spring Water (I Am Lucky)F
Archer Farms Natural Spring WaterF
Artesian Blue Pure and Natural WaterF
Blue Mountain Spring WaterF
Break Escapes Natural Spring Water (II)F
Busch's Natural Spring WaterF
Calistoga Premium WaterF
Chemung Spring Water Co. Bottled WaterF
Chippewa Spring WaterF
Classic Selection Spring waterF
Clear Mist Purified Drinking WaterF
Commerce Casino Complimentary Purified Drinking WaterF
Crystal Cascade Pure Drinking WaterF
Crystal Lake Premium Spring WaterF
CVS Gold Emblem Natural Spring WaterF
Earth Fare Pure Mountain Spring WaterF
Earth2O 100% Natural Spring WaterF
Enon Springs Natural Spring WaterF
Ethos Water Natural Spring WaterF
Evamor Alkaline Artesian Water BeverageF
Food Club Natural Mountain Spring WaterF
Fox Ledge Naturally Pure Spring WaterF
Frontenac Crystal Springs Natural Spring WaterF
Gaudianello Sparkling Natural Mineral WaterF
Gelson's Natural Spring WaterF
Gerolsteiner Natural Mineral WaterF
Giant Acadia Natural Spring WaterF
Giant Eagle Purified WaterF
Give (Hope/Life/Strength/Love) Natural Spring WaterF
Hannaford Natural Spring WaterF
Henniez Eau Mineral NaturelleF
Henry's Farmers Market Spring WaterF
Hiland Natural Spring WaterF
Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring WaterF
Isbre Norwegian Spring WaterF
Kirkland Signature Spring WaterF
Klarbrunn Pure Drinking WaterF
Macy's Spring WaterF
Mayer Bros. Natural Spring WaterF
Meijer Natural Spring WaterF
Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers Spring WaterF
Member's Mark Natural Spring WaterF
Montana's Treasure Pure Artesian Drinking WaterF
Mountain Dairy Spring WaterF
Naturally Preferred Pure Mountain Spring WaterF
New Zealand Eternal Artesian Water- Silica RichF
Noah's California Spring WaterF
Patriot's Choice Mountain Spring WaterF
Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral WaterF
Pocono Springs Pure Mountain Spring WaterF
Publix Purified WaterF
Roxane Mountain Spring WaterF
S. Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral WaterF
Shop&Stop Acadia Natural Spring WaterF
Shoprite Naturally Pure Spring WaterF
South Fork Mountain Spring WaterF
Southern Home Spring WaterF
Spring Reflections Natural Spring WaterF
Springfield Drinking WaterF
Super Chill H2O Natural Spring WaterF
Super Chill Spring WaterF
Swiss Premium Spring WaterF
Talawanda Spring WaterF
The Salad Bowl Pure Drinking WaterF
Tim Hortons Natural Spring WaterF
Trader Joe's Mountain Spring WaterF
Trader Joe's Pure New Zealand Artesian WaterF
Ty Nant Spring Water- StillF
Valley Springs 100% Natural Spring WaterF
Volvic Natural Spring WaterF
Voss Artesian WaterF
Wawa Natural Spring WaterF
Wegmans Spring WaterF
Whole Foods Market Italian Still Mineral WaterF
Wild Oats Natural Spring WaterF
Wilson Farms Natural Spring WaterF
Winn Dixie Spring WaterF

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