Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Be Tupid... Yeah, RIGHT!!

First, read what the Pentagon says...

The Pentagon says that an airplane and not a
missile launch was the likely cause of a large vapor trail in the
skies off Southern California's coast.

Defense Department spokesman Col. Dave Lapan says that officials
are satisfied the phenomenon was an airplane vapor trail distorted
by camera angle, winds and other environmental factors.
He says military experts studied the video and talked to all the
government agencies that might have been involved in a missile
launch and none reported having launched one.
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I Say... RIGHT!!!  SURE!  I'll buy that... NOT!

Here... Have a look for yourself

For God's sake! The trail IS HUGE! You can see the ENGINE BURNING! It's
going UP! FAST! But the government still wants us to believe it's an AIRPLANE???
Come On! We be tupid, but not we so be dat tupid... DUH!
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