Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Those Wacky Animals

Some funny, some cute, some will make you say Wazzoopalony!

Be the ball.

Being a towel is easy, it's just a lot of hanging around.

I not eat all the spinach, see?
We'll try to ford the river this time as we need to press on.  Oregon awaits!

Shhh... if they find us, we'll be up the creek for sure!
The "real" My Little Pony

Oh Senior, I will make you a dish you will not forget

It's the alarm!

The coast is clear boys, I think we lost em'!

No Gypsy, please don't fly away.  I'll give you a milk bone... Please, PLEASE come back!

We're so cute it's starting to make me sick!

Let them eat cake!

Ah, nothing like a warm towel fresh from the dryer after a bath!

What do you mean, "I'm Adopted"?

I've got the worst case of Dand-Ruff!

Laptop, meet Lapcat

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