Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Would Anyone Ever...

...get a tattoo without first thinking it through?.. I mean REALLY thinking it through!   Apparently, these fine specimens of human beings didn't give much forethought to the life-long commitment which is the TATTOO...

OK.  This guy must have been REALLY DRUNK!

Mom, Dad, I got a tattoo.  No it's not too crazy!.. I can't wait to come home so
you can see it.  It's soooo cute!  Everyone here at school really likes it!

My wife and kids are my world!  Well, I mean my tractor is
pretty important to me too, oh, and uh, beer.
I was Framed!

This guy ROCKS!.. No, REALLY!  I mean, how cool is that!  Wait, where's
SLAYER????  or even Megadeath????  This guy SUCKS!

WTF?  Is this guy a PRIEST?

It's Mr. Cool / Ice... maybe he likes Icees?
C'mon!  Who the hell doesn't like Icees?

He got a tattoo of his girlfriend - the blow-up doll.

The remaining entries are dedicated to photo likenesses gone wrong!

And here's the last one... YEP, it's a "real" Tattoo.  Impressive!



  1. The second pic is from a belgian girl that tried to make the tatoo artist take the blame for tatooing more that the intended 3 stars.

    The blowup doll is the scariest.

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