Sunday, September 19, 2010

Use It!

Turn Google Into a Quick Calculator
Google enables you to perform math operations such as addition, subtraction,
multiplication, division, and percentages.
Just use numbers and calculator operators, which include:

  • + (addition)
  • - (subtraction)
  • * (multiplication)
  • / (division)
  • % of (percentage of)
  • ^ (raise to a power)
Here are some examples...

Create your own Customized Google Search Engine
Google is allowing everyone to join in the fun with Google Custom Search Engines. This Google product allows anyone to create their very own search engine.  You get to choose the sites, invite others to contribute to your search engine, and even customize the look and feel to suit your preferences.  You could make your very own customized search for jobs, videos, digital camera reviews, and more. The possibilities are endless.
Start building your own search engine at
Get extended information about any website
Try this in your Google search box.  Place info:  before any url in the search box to get a wealth of information about any website.  Here is an example of the info you would get on this site, simply type the search like this,, and you'll get this...

Use Google For Unit Conversion
You can use Google to convert between many different units of measurement such as height, weight, mass, and others. Just enter your desired conversion into the search box and Google will do the rest. Google Unit Converter is a part of Google Calculator.
Google unit converter
Google recognizes most common measurements, including weight, distance, time, mass, energy, and monetary currency.
{current unitin {desired unit}

Here are some other examples, simply type them into your Google search box and hit enter:
3 cups in teaspoons
1 acre in sq. miles
1 quart in ounces
6 hands in cubits
10 volts in microvolts

Use Google For Dictionary Definitions

To see a list of different definitions from various online sources, you can type “define:” followed by a word or phrase. Note that the results will define the entire phrase.
Google dictionary
define {word}

How To Know The Time In Any Other City Or Country With Google
Google can also check the current time of any city or country. To see the time in many cities around the world, type in “time” followed by the name of the city.

Google time
time {cityname}

How To See The Map For Any City Or Country With Google
If you are looking for the map of any city or country, Google has an easy solution for you. Type in the name or U.S. zip code of a location and the word “map” and Google will return a map of that location.  Clicking on the map will take you to a larger version on Google Maps.

Google Maps
{location} map

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