Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunspots?... Aliens?... A Pigeon? What Caused It?

CLEVELAND: A widespread power outage plunged the city into darkness this morning.  Some of the power was restored for a short time on Cleveland's east side, but the lights then turned off again. Cleveland Public Power has not provided any information about the extent of the outages.
Major power outages are still affecting downtown Cleveland Wednesday morning, as buildings, streetlights and homes are all without power.
Reports of the outages stretch as far west as Franklin and West 65th, and as far east as Carnegie and East 70th. The outages have left streets completely dark, creating a traffic hazard for the morning commute.
Cleveland Public Power has not responded to phone calls and messages seeking more information, so the full extent of the outages is unknown.
A Cleveland fire station on Superior Avenue has no power and no generator, and firefighters had to park the truck outside, and prop open the garage door in case of a call.
There is no word on when power will likely be restored.

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