Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Coming... Are You Ready?

Halloween!!!! and it's just around the corner, I thought I'd give you some great costume ideas....

One year, my girlfriend and I went to a Halloween party as a "Quarter Pounder with Cheese".
I dressed normally, but carried a hammer and a quarter.  I would occasionally hit the quarter with the hammer.  Cindy dressed in all yellow/orange and wore a sign that read "I'm with Him" and she would point at me.
We got a lot of laughs!

Here are a few more "outside of the box" suggestions, WOOT!
  • Carry a crucifix that you have placed doll clothes on and you can go as a "Cross Dresser".
  • Carry a dumbbell, and stare intently at it.  When asked what you are you say, "watching my weight".

  • Wear extra-large bra over your clothes. Stuff it with spices. What are you? A "Spice Rack" of course.
  • Carry around a box of cereal with a knife, stab the box repeatedly throughout the night.  You are a "Cereal Killer".
  • Wear normal clothes. Attach a dollar to each ear. When they ask, you're "A Buccaneer". Get it?...Buck-an-ear.
  • Attach old Cell Phones to a hat, wear it and tell people you're "Headphones"
Here are some suggestions that are a little more elaborate...

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