Sunday, August 8, 2010

Roll your own... iPhone photos of course!

The iPhone incorporates a rolling shutter.  This means the CCD in the iPhone scans what it is seeing one line at a time from top to bottom.  This can be a problem if the camera is moving, or it can be a REAL BLAST for the creative photographer because you can learn to distort or bend the photo, or even create blur in just one part of the photo as it is taken.
If you own an iPhone this is a MUST TRY!!!  Simply rotate the camera WHILE you take the picture.  Large objects with straight edge lines tend to be some of the best subjects for starters.
Here are some of my own examples of "iPhone Bends"...

When you take a picture while the object is moving quickly in relation to the iPhone, you will get slanted distortion. In low light this, coupled with slow shutter speed results in part of the picture turning out blurry while other parts are sharp.
Here are many more examples...

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