Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Google Must Be a Great Company to Work For!!.. Judging by these...

Google is a fantastic search engine, but it really is SO MUCH MORE!...
Enjoy these Google Goodies!
Lonely?... Try Google Romance!

Fly an Airplane!
1. Download and install Google Earth!
2. While in Google Earth press Ctrl-Alt-a
3. Fly!!!

Can you Bear it?
If you use Google Picasa, Try pressing Ctrl-Shift-y
(multiple times if you want to) while in the application...
BEARy Cool!

Google Goes Psychic
Wow!!!... This works PERFECTLY!

This is by far my personal favorite offering by Google!...
This is truly fantastic!

There's a LOT MORE to be found within Google...
For a real challenge, try and find some other Google "extended services"
and post them as comments here!  Good luck! -- Mr. G

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