Monday, March 11, 2013

Forever Frozen in Time?

There are long-dead, forgotten web sites on forgotten servers that refuse to go away.  Go to these sites to see the internet when it was just a baby.  The last one is a prophetic message to all fans of Mindless Mirth...
Yep, the people that ran this site have gone to heaven after drinking cult-aid.

Remember when there were lots of search engines?  Well, there still are...

Wow, here's a site still up but not updated since 1996!!!

Not to be missed!..

Not the President, but he still has a campaign website!

From 1996, well before Google was even a gleam in the eye of anyone, we had...

I even dug up an old page of a site I used to run...

Finally, destined to eventually be in this list after gracefully aging, OFFICIALLY frozen in time as of
Today March 11, 2013
Thanks everyone!  It was fun.
--Mr. G

Yes, this is the last post.